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Embody Bee: Approaching Bees with Love and Respect

"I strive to create a kind of mutual relationship with bees, a sort of sensual and spiritual love affair." Emily, founder of Embody Bee

8 Ways Cosmetics Brands are Using Sustainable Packaging

Want some ideas for on brand and eco-friendly cosmetic and beauty packaging? Here's 8 examples of brands doing it well.

My Meraki: Handpicked Items that Add Value to Your Life

"2020 served up some challenges, but also allowed me to create, and find ways to give to others," Kate Bickford, founder of My Meraki

Skincare that Makes You Feel Clean & Safe with Gloss: The Green Beauty Counter

"Everything you put on your body, your body absorbs, and we want to educate more customers on green beauty so they can live a happier & healthier lifestyle!" Gloss: The Green Beauty Counter

What a Curl Wants: Helping You Love Your Natural Hair

"I want people to remember opening my boxes. I want all my customers to know I appreciate them buying from me and choosing to shop with me." Fleur, founder of What a Curl Wants

Lilasuds: When Bathing Turns to Fine Art

"...I wanted to bring that sense of joy, and excitement whenever someone used my creative soaps or indulged in a relaxing bath with luxurious bath bombs." Desiree, founder of Lilasuds


Incorporating sustainability to your packaging is a great responsibility. πŸƒ Kudos to @lilasudssoaps for including the noissue custom packaging to their business' early stages. πŸ™ŒπŸ™Œ Gushing over the different hues of purple of their noissue tissues, stickers, and paper tape. 😍

Sorbetto: All-Natural Fragrances that Promote Giving Back and Loving the Planet

"Whether it be recycling scraps or choosing biodegradable packaging, every detail counts. We strive to become as sustainable as we possibly can to impact this earth for good." Sofia, founder of Sorbetto


Elevate your customers' unboxing experience. 🀩 @greenandbare 's custom noissue packaging shows off the brand colors in the sticker and tissue combo. πŸ‘πŸ‘

Little Danube: Beautiful Vegan Soap Bars that Heighten Your Senses

"My vision is to be a global skincare brand which encourages a conscious culture and to redefine the beauty standards and industry by providing plastic-free products." Katrina, founder of Little Danube

Pretty Kind London: Eco-Friendly Never Looked so Pretty

"Every detail of my business is important to me. Because my vision is to have a completely ethical business, to contribute to a better world for everyone," Mutia Ademola, founder of PKL

Creatives: Fierce Media x Love Your Mother Boutique

"Our vision is to share stories and inspire. We intend to live a purposeful life while being creative and investing our time and passion in value-based endeavors through the Fierce Family," Neda Niaki and Aniseh Sharifi of Fierce Media

How to prep for the Holidays: a Q&A with NaturAll Club

Here's how NaturAll Club founder and CEO Muhga Eltigani gets organized for the busy holiday season, without forgetting to give back.

Cosmetics by Tatiana: Empowering You To Become The Best Version of Yourself

"We wanted to create a brand that stands for all aspects of self-improvement and it all starts with daily self-love." Tatiana & Adriana, founders of Cosmetics by Tatiana

Wild Beauty Cosmetics: Going Wild for Old Techniques & Sustainable, Cruelty-Free Makeup

"If I was going to create something, I knew I couldn’t make more waste to just sell a product," Danielle, Founder of Wild Beauty Cosmetics

Soph's Salts: Providing Relaxation in Times of Uncertainty

"I want people to make time for themselves, especially because this year came with so many challenges and uncertainty for everyone." Sophie Turney, founder of Soph's Salts

Vegan and Cruelty-Free Tanning Products with Body Spritz

"Being so closely affiliated with the beach, ocean, and its environmental sustainability is (literally) the air we breathe." Edward, co-founder of Body Spritz

Experience an Enchanting Nourishing Bath with Apricota Artisan Soaps

"I want my customers to have an amazing bath or shower ritual because on a stressful day, self-care and self-love will help you to move forward and achieve your goals." Narinè, Founder or Apricota Artisan Soaps

Chia Sisters: Award-Winning Beverages and Their Commitment to Sustainability

"...we were tired of seeing 'energy' drinks on the market that were filled with artificial colours, caffeine and sugar when we felt that energy should be about fuelling your body to be the healthiest it can be." Florence, co-founder of Chia Sisters

Louve Naturals: Formulated with the Environment in Mind

β€œPush on and do your best to live a sustainable life despite the imperfections.β€œ Saranda, founder of Louve Naturals

Plant-based Cosmetics with Lip Service Beauty

" I believe wholeheartedly that all the 'ingredients' in your life matter." Anette, founder of Lip Service Beauty


Reminding you lovely people who purchased their noissue 100% Compostable mailers to store them in a cool, dry place. 😊 Make sure to utilize these within 9 months! Kudos to @swoonproducts for practicing sustainability and composting their noissue Compostable mailers! πŸƒπŸ’–


The noissue Stamp is the perfect way to customize your packaging πŸ‘πŸ‘ noissue Stamps are reusable, and the inkpads are soy-ink, making them the perfect eco-friendly branding tool. πŸƒ How cool is this noissue Stamp by @hotsytotsysoap paired with their custom noissue paper tape? 🀩🀩


Add a bit of zing to your packaging with a stamp and custom, compostable stickers. 😍😍 Loving how @ashleymariesoap uses noissue Stickers to brand her packages. πŸ’–


Looking to go natural with your packaging? πŸ€” Get inspired by @louvenaturals and her custom paper labels! 🌿✨ In case you don't know yet, we released new sticker sizes, so you have more options. πŸ‘πŸ‘

Nalen Ayurveda: Caring for Your Mind, Body & Soul

"For us at Nalen Ayurveda, sustainability is at the heart of everything we do."

Anais Pierquet: The Plant Lady

"In the end, the artwork is an affirmation that we send out to the universe, into our lives, to move forward and feel better," Anais Pierquet, The Plant Lady

Creative ways to use a Stamp to brand your packaging

Stamps are a great way to add personality, branding, and important information to any package. They're an extremely versatile when it comes to branding, so we're sharing some creative ways you can use a stamp for your business.


The noissue compostable mailer is designed to encourage the recipient to compost them! πŸ‘πŸ‘ These mailers are certified for home and commercial composting. 🏑 @teaofmine values sustainability, and ships in these stylish mailers. πŸ΅πŸƒ

Creatives: Norfolk Design Co. x Fancy Face Inc.

"We work closely with our clients to solidify and streamline their brand experience so they can get back to focusing on growth," Danielle Tobin


Love how @mypaletta's logo sticker stands out against the noissue Mailer! πŸƒπŸƒ What a great way to show off some branding and company values! A big thank you to brands that are doing their best to choose sustainable shipping supplies. πŸ‘πŸ‘

Creatives: Greg Davies Art & Design x Shea Sassy

"As someone who is very environmentally motivated, knowing that I have contributed to the planting of more trees whilst designing a brand is a very special feeling!" Greg Davies

Creatives: Foster Creative Co x Sqin

"There's nothing we love more than working with innovators, change-makers, and purpose-driven businesses to help them kick design goals and do things they are passionate about," Sylvie Veit, Founder


We love a classic pink and black color combo ! πŸ™ŒπŸ™Œ @chok_chokskin's noissue Tissue and sticker combo, really lets their logo shine. 😍 We also love that they include a handwritten note❣️

Sustainable Packaging for Totum Women's Support Cookies

β€œI’ve done research into the environmental impact of online shopping, and as the owner of a direct-to-consumer brand, I want to keep my burden on the environment as light as possible,” Erin Erenberg, Founder of Totum Women

Mender: Keeping it Organic and Eco-Friendly

"Of course, there is always more we can doβ€”but we like that noissue is helping us get there." April Worley, Founder

Clementine Fields: Spreading Love and Care One Package at a Time

"Life is pretty crazy for most people these days, we pack our orders with love and care. We hope it allows people to pause and enjoy the experience and subsequently the products they’ve ordered." Ingrid, Founder of Clementine Fields


Stack 'em up! It's that time of the year again. 🎁 It always pays off when we give back to the environment in the little ways we can. πŸƒπŸƒ@sageandstoneoreganics has got it covered with the noissue compostable mailers. πŸ‘

Unboxing With: TaraLee Naturals

"I wanted to create a brand identity that looked minimal and sleek - a skincare line that you wouldn't even know is natural by looking at the packaging design." TaraLee, Founder.

How I Fulfill: Unboxing with Tiffany Staten

What does it mean to put together a stellar unboxing as a small business? We speak to Tiffany Staten of London Grant Co. about how she creates a memorable experience for her customers.


How you package your goods is as much an extension of your brand as your product itself. 🌲🌲🌲 Take the time to asses your image and make sure that the elements included work well together. For @dalishcosmetics, sustainable packaging for a sustainable brand makes the most sense in the world! πŸ’β€β™€οΈ

Esse Soap Co

β€œTaking the time to incorporate sustainability into your business is not only the right thing to do for the planet, but it shows you are being attentive to your customer's values too.” Cynthia Wagner, Foudner